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Become an Xtreme Golfer with Extreme Golf Clubs by Warrior Custom Golf. One of the hottest golf clubs on the market is the Warrior Custom Golf Extreme Series. What's so extreme about the Extreme Driver and Extreme Fairway Woods? The extreme success of these clubs come from the ability to customize the clubs on the golf course due to the extreme weighting system. Warrior Custom Golf Extreme drivers and Warrior Custom Golf Extreme fairway woods combine high quality material with top craftsmanship and the latest golf technology, to produce the ideal club for every golfer at a very affordable price. Warrior Custom Golf is so confident in these new Extreme Golf Clubs that they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their Warrior Golfers.

1. When you are driving from the tee, make sure you are using a Warrior Custom Golf Extreme Golf Driver. Warrior Custom Golf Extreme Golf Drivers are designed to launch your Warrior Custom Golf Ball farther and straighter than any club on the market. Warrior Custom Golf Extreme Golf Drivers feature a removable weighting system to change your launch angles from low to high and setup for a fade, draw or neutral trajectory. The built-in extreme weighting technology maximizes the center of gravity to generate shots that come of the club face with extreme velocity. Warrior Custom Golf Extreme Golf Driver come in a Warrior Custom Golf 460cc titanium head.

2. Warrior Custom Golf Extreme Fairway Woods feature both the removable weighting system and built-in extreme weighting technology. The Progressive face thickness technology provides greater distance with every strike and comes with a Professional Harrison shaft for consistent flex and stability. Warrior Custom Golf Extreme Fairway Woods also feature low profile club heads with an expanded sweet spot for increased forgiveness and to provide longer and straighter shots from both the deep rough and the golf course fairway.

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